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Love giveaways? If you already own a reading device, here’s a cool gift to share with a loved one this Valentine’s Day.

Enter for a chance to win one of five kindles and a $25 Amazon gift card to add to your eBook collection! Share the giveaway’s Lucky URL by email and on social media for extra chances to win! Enter giveaway and receive exclusive offers from participating…




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 I’ve been silent for a while, but now I have something to shout about! This month I’m part of an exciting  giveaway with 24 amazing authors and I had to let my friends in on it! I’m sure you’ll recognize some or most of these bestselling author names. We’re giving away a Kobo Aura H20 pre-loaded with 50 ebooks! You don’t have to be a current Kobo user to enter, AND, every person who enters will receive at least five free eBooks just for entering the contest.

You can enter by clicking HERE.

Good luck and have a super Happy Thanksgiving!



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NEW RELEASE: Flight 12 – a Jessie Night Thriller

Click on the Rafflecopter’s Find Flight 12 and tell us about your nightmare seat mate. Read about mine. You might win a $100 Gift Card and more.
ENTER FLIGHT 12 GIVEAWAY #10 HERE Each month, The Twelve brings you one terrific NEW limited edition thriller from our award winning, bestselling authors. Each book features new characters and those you already love. At the end of each book, one person boards Flight 12. Collect and read each of thes…

Which character from this Jessie Night thriller is on board?!

Join us on this special fight where 12 characters from 12 different novella’s take off into the night sky and disappear.  Experience his or her trials and tribulations prior to boarding Flight 12 to Rome. And then help The Twelve discover what happened on May 12 to that fateful Boeing 767.

It’s been quite a ride, but it’s almost over. Check out The Twelve for all the details. Sign on for a chance to win a $100 Gift Card and cool Flight 12 merchandise.



Jessie Night, a witness to a grisly mass murder, must make a grim choice–run to save her own life, or stay and fight for the innocent man condemned to die for that crime. Release date: March 12th. Order now.

Buy the eBook: Amazon

Buy the eBook: Nook

Buy the eBook: KOBO

Buy the eBook: iBooks



Limited time only! .99c! Download your copy today!

Amazon: http://smarturl.it/DD3Amazon
Nook: http://smarturl.it/DD3Nook
iBooks: http://smarturl.it/DD3iBooks
Kobo: http://smarturl.it/DD3Kobo
Google Play: http://smarturl.it/DD3GP


 To celebrate Women’s Mystery Month, Open Road Media is offering my novel, Night Passage, for only .99c to $1.99 through March!

Night Passage

Amazon .99c

Barnes & Noble Nook $1.99

iBooks $1.99

Kobo $1.99


For my German friends, Tod Im King’s Club is on sale for $3.99
Name of promotion: 15 eBooks für 3,99 EUR
Sales price: 3,99 € €
Promotion period: 23.02.2015 – 17.03.2015


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Tis the Season: Two new releases & two second edition boxed sets!

I’m so happy to announce these new releases for the holidays!

New release of the German edition of my bestselling novel, Night Game,  DEATH IN KING’S CLUB!



My new release, NIGHT CRIES, is now in paperback!

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000026_00032]


Amazon ebook

Amazon Trade Paperback

And just in time for the holidays, at a very affordable price (99c), is the second successful Mortal Crimes box set that sold over 70,000 copies in just a few months. MORTAL CRIMES 2. A mixture of bestselling mysteries and thrillers from NY Times and USA Today bestselling authors.

** Over 300 5-star reviews for the individual books **

SPECIAL NOTE: If you missed MORTAL CRIMES 1, it’ll be available through the holidays. After that the bundle will be gone for good! Purchase your copy for an incredible 99c/77p at the following e-retailers.  Amazon iBooks Barnes and Noble KOBO Google Play

And if you can’t get enough of these Bang for your Buck boxed sets, grab the second in the NYT & USA Today bestselling bundle, Deadly Dozen. Even more stories to keep you entertained throughout the cold winter months. DEADLY DOZEN 2!  .99c



Coming soon. stay tuned for some exciting Giveaways .


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It’s aLIVE! NIGHT CRIES. Plus Giveaway Winners!

Newest novel release, NIGHT CRIES.


Thirty-year-old Maddie has no memory of being adopted. An only child, her parents loved and protected her. Family means everything. When her daily foundation crumbles after she miscarries and her husband leaves with her best friend, retreat becomes her coping tool. She’s soon forced out of seclusion by her rising success as a crime writer. The public spotlight brings menace in the form of an abusive ex-lover intent on revenge. He stalks her, waiting for his chance…until…an unlikely savior intervenes. She is Maddie’s long-lost sister, her mirror image twin. The sisters revel in a special bond, as if no time has passed.

What is a ‘mirror twin’? Mirror image twins are literally a reflection of one another, identical twins with opposite features. They share the same DNA and similar fingerprints. Many claim to share a psychic connection. One mind in two bodies? You decide.


Excerpt of Night Cries:

Anchored to that moment on the green marble porch, a vibration hummed in the air around Maddie. As ridiculous as it seemed, a bizarre static charge linked her to the woman standing on the threshold of that magnificent estate. Her identical twin.

She grabbed Maddie’s hands. The sensation of live current surged through her body, bringing with it flashes of holding hands, hugging, and whispering secrets in each other’s ears.

Justine stepped out onto the porch, and they embraced. More images swirled around her—sitting cross-legged under a kitchen table, knees touching, their small hands over their mouths. In her extensive research for her novel on multiples, she’d read clairvoyance played an essential part in the lives of twins. Shared emotions, dreams, pain. Some telepathic link between them might have made it possible for her to know a sister existed. She’d been skeptical until then. A twin she’d been unaware of, or forgotten all these years, might have influenced her life.

A sudden chill on the back of her neck made her shiver.

Justine released her and took a step back. She hugged herself and rubbed her hands over the rising goose bumps on her upper arms. “It’s cold out here. Let’s go inside. We have so much catching up to do.”

They crossed the threshold together into a grand entry. Zach followed.

Justine led them into the high-ceilinged great room then to the back of the house and a smaller room with an ocean view. The more casual décor instantly put Maddie at ease.

“Sometimes I feel like I’m in a museum.” Justine kicked off her shoes and sat cross-legged in a wingback chair strategically placed on a Persian rug to complement the pattern. “Tony’s tastes run toward the grandiose. Mine are less refined.”

“It’s a beautiful house,” Maddie said. “I wouldn’t want to clean it.”

Justine laughed. “Me either.”

Their conversation started out slow and hesitant. Since Justine initiated the reunion and knew Maddie was her sister, naturally she took control. It seemed strange to call it a reunion. Before that day, Maddie had no memory of her early childhood. No memory of Justine.

Then the comparisons began. They were news junkies and Scrabble addicts. They had the same tastes in music, art, literature, and movies. They compared the dolphin-shaped birthmarks on their necks and marveled at the exactness of their eyes, golden flecks floating in a hazel shade that picked up more green than blue. They wore the same brand of perfume, an imported scent made from gardenias.

Sitting across from her twin sister was like watching a scene from a paranormal movie. Justine’s hand gestures and body language appeared the same. Her voice and her laugh sounded the same as well. The same inflections and speech patterns, but Justine was more relaxed. A confident extrovert. She owned the space around her.

While they talked, Zach slipped out through the double-doors onto the terrace and kicked back on a chaise lounge. He thumbed through a basket of magazines, looking for a mailing label. Always the cop.

Even though she and Justine were completely enthralled with one another, she knew Zach wouldn’t accept Justine at face value. Theirs was a unique situation, one over which Zach had no control once Justine had rescued her. Yet Zach, with his law enforcement background, would want to take a closer look into her background. Fine with her. Maddie had a few questions of her own.


~More News~

For a limited time only, NIGHT PREY audiobook will be discounted from $24.95 to $3.95



First time ever, #1 in the ‘Night’ books, Night Stalker will be FREE on Amazon for five days Nov 22 – 27  to kick-off my new release of Night Cries.


FREE November 22 – 27



The winner of the custom wreath by WickedWreathz is:

Lynn Voedisch

Winners for the Night Prey audiobooks are:

Debra Guyette

Heidi Daniel


To claim your prizes, please email me at caroldluce@gmail.com ASAP.


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Better Late Than Never… New Novel!

I’m back and {thrilled}} to announce my soon to be released thriller! Yes, FINALLY!
Cover by Indie Designz

Thirty-year-old Maddie has no memory of being adopted. An only child, her parents loved and protected her. Family means everything. When her daily foundation crumbles after she miscarries and her husband leaves with her best friend, retreat becomes her coping tool. She’s soon forced out of seclusion by her rising success as a crime writer. The public spotlight brings menace in the form of an abusive ex-lover intent on revenge. He stalks her, waiting for his chance…until…an unlikely savior intervenes. She is Maddie’s long-lost sister, her mirror image twin. The sisters revel in a special bond, as if no time has passed.

Zach, a former LAPD homicide detective and Maddie’s writing partner, doesn’t take anything at face value. He digs into the sister’s background, revealing hellish early years on a farm that may have caused irrevocable damage. What he finds leads him to suspect she may be connected to a rash of vigilante murders.

As Maddie investigates her past, she must confront her new reality. She is haunted by unexplained fears and a recurring nightmare. The blood runs bad in this family. Long repressed memories gradually surface, forcing her to solve the mystery of her bone tree nightmare. Will the truth set her free…or destroy her?

To celebrate my new thriller I’m giving away a special prize (a custom-made indoor/outdoor wreath of your choice by WickedWreathz). If you’re a member of my Night Team, you’re automatically entered in the giveaway for this stunning prize. If you’re not a member, please sign up for my newsletter to be included. 
Winner to be selected on November 18th.


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3rd Installment of FLIGHT 12 has taken off! Fun and Prizes!

FLIGHT 12 – The 3rd Installment is Now Available. Get on board if you dare!

Diane Capri is the bestselling author of twelve books and a recovering lawyer. Diane says she writes mystery and suspense for the same reason she reads: to have fun, find out what happens, why people do what they do, and to restore order to an unjust world. Readers say her books emphasize wry humor and every woman’s inherent strength and self-reliance. But even better, Diane’s books will keep you reading well into the night!



Jess Kimball’s Impossible Mission: Protect Crime Victims

Relentless victims’ rights advocate Jess Kimball and Jack Reacher both deliver justice when the legal system fails. Reacher waits until trouble finds him and then he does whatever it takes. But Jess pursues legal justice and draws lines she will not cross.

How can she win against killers who refuse to follow the rules? When her Taboo Magazine assignment reveals a chilling killer from a modern Italian crime family, Jess Kimball speeds to New York City’s JFK airport to catch Flight 12 to Rome where Luigi and Enzo will be forced to choose between death and Jess.

Buy the eBook: Amazon
Buy the eBook: Nook
Buy the eBook: iBooks
Buy the eBook: KOBO
Buy the eBook: Google Play

A Laura Cardinal Thriller: A young woman approaches Arizona DPS homicide detective Laura Cardinal at the fitness center they share, telling her that she is slated for death and wants Laura to “investigate her murder.” Laura’s about to revisit the worst homicide case of her life — and this time she might not make it out alive.

Click here to Buy Now on Amazon
Click here to Buy Now on Barnes & Noble Nook
Click here to Buy Now on Kobo

A Kristin Cunningham Thriller: When an FBI sting goes horribly wrong, Special Agent Kristin Cunningham – alone, unarmed and still recovering from a near-fatal gunshot wound – races against time to prevent a brutal human trafficker from escaping justice.

Click here to Buy Now on Amazon
Click here to Buy Now on Barnes & Noble Nook
Click here to Buy Now on Kobo
Click here to Buy Now on iTunes

Join The Twelve in the ongoing FLIGHT 12 project. Don’t just read about your favorite characters, participate in the story, win prizes, and see storytelling in a totally new way . . .
What happened to Flight 12?
Collect all twelve thriller novellas by these New York Times and USA Today Bestselling authors (you can read them in any order), then give us your theory.

What do YOU think happened to Flight 12?

Collect all twelve thriller novellas by these New York Times and USA Today Bestselling authors (you can read them in any order), then give us your theory.

$200 e-gift card and more!


What’s your theory? Please share on the Secret Page.
The Twelve’s website. http://thetwelvexii.com/flight-12/

Coming Soon…the next in my standalone suspense ‘night’ books –


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Giveaway ends soon…Get on board!





Have you heard about our FLIGHT 12 Giveaway?
Lifting off is our big launch contest and celebration!
Allan Leverone’s terrific book featuring FBI Special Agent Kristin Cunningham

Already garnering rave reviews, Flight 12: A Kristin Cunningham Thriller is available NOW!

CLICK HERE to Download!

Come along with us on the most exciting trip ever and bring all your friends!!
But hurry! Our launch party is already started!
We don’t want you to miss a moment of what we have planned!!



Thrillingly yours,
The Twelve

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IWU Summer Splash Blog Hop – JULY 26-29


Welcome to the 2013 Summer Splash Blog Hop, brought to you by the writers of Indie Writers Unite.  There’s all kinds of swag to be won as well as some amazing grand prizes (see below for grand prize information)
Each writer will be hosting their own giveaway on their blogs and offering their own prizes in addition to the grand prizes.  Click HERE to start hopping the author pages.

My Prizes are: 

15,000 words edited free (novel)
$25 Amazon Gift Card (separate rafflecopter)

To enter one or both of the Rafflecopters, click the links below, and the Rafflecopters will magically appear:

Main Prize (Free Editing)

a Rafflecopter giveaway


$25 Amazon Gift Card

a Rafflecopter giveaway

About the Manuscript Editing Prize:

Manuscript editing by a published author and professional writing instructor.

As a former instructor for Writer’s Digest Online Workshops for ten years in their advanced novel courses, I am offering my editing services to the winner of my contest. (See ‘EDITING’ Rafflecopter for instructions.)

Valued at $300 (@ $.02 per word). The first 15,000 words of your novel (approximately 60 double-spaced pages).

Content Editing Feedback for: Plot/Storyline/Character development/Description/Pacing. 

Light Line Editing for: Sentence structure/punctuation/spelling/grammar/writing style, etc.

The second and third place runners-up will receive a Carol Davis Luce ebook of their choice.  

 As the for the grand prizes, there are 6.  What are they?

#1 Kindle Fire 8.9 HD

#2 $100 Amazon Gift Card

#3 $50 Amazon Gift Card

#4 15 paperbacks personally signed by our authors

#5 38 Ebooks gifted to you from our authors

#6 38 eBooks (yep, we’re doing this not once, but twice)!


TWEET USING THE HASHTAG  #splashwithusIt’s that simple. We’ll keep track of all the tweets and then draw for the grand-prize winners at the end of the hop. Winners will be announced on or before July 31st on this site.RULES:Tweets MUST include:1. The hashtag #splashwithus (This is how we track them)
2. A link to the blog hop.

You may tweet as much as you like throughout the hop.

More Tweets = More Chances to WIN!!!

***As a side note, our authors will be tweeting about the hop as well, but they are not eligible for any of the grand prizes.***

Here are some sample tweets you can cut/paste:

WIN a $300 Kindle Fire, Amazon gift cards & more at the #bloghop http://ow.ly/nfebP #giveaway #win #freekindle #splashwithus #amreading

WIN FREE SWAG at the author #bloghop http://ow.ly/nfeCh prizes include a kindle fire! #freekindle #free #giveaway #win #splashwithus

ENTER TO WIN A KINDLE FIRE at the author blog hop http://ow.ly/nfeRZ #kindlefree #free #lovebooks #win #giveaway #splashwithus #win

WIN BIG at the author blog hop. More than 50 prizes including a kindle fire HD! http://ow.ly/nffyV #kindlefire #amwriting #splashwithus


To enter to win the free signed paperback books and the free books for your kindle, you MUST visit every single author blog hop page and enter whatever contest/giveaway they are running.  Once you’ve visited them all, send an email HERE, with the subject line: FREE BOOKS.


Want a teaser of some of the items up for grabs on the author pages? Click HERE


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The blog hop does not begin until July 26th. Please check back at that time to start hopping

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