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Better Late Than Never… New Novel!

I’m back and {thrilled}} to announce my soon to be released thriller! Yes, FINALLY!
Cover by Indie Designz

Thirty-year-old Maddie has no memory of being adopted. An only child, her parents loved and protected her. Family means everything. When her daily foundation crumbles after she miscarries and her husband leaves with her best friend, retreat becomes her coping tool. She’s soon forced out of seclusion by her rising success as a crime writer. The public spotlight brings menace in the form of an abusive ex-lover intent on revenge. He stalks her, waiting for his chance…until…an unlikely savior intervenes. She is Maddie’s long-lost sister, her mirror image twin. The sisters revel in a special bond, as if no time has passed.

Zach, a former LAPD homicide detective and Maddie’s writing partner, doesn’t take anything at face value. He digs into the sister’s background, revealing hellish early years on a farm that may have caused irrevocable damage. What he finds leads him to suspect she may be connected to a rash of vigilante murders.

As Maddie investigates her past, she must confront her new reality. She is haunted by unexplained fears and a recurring nightmare. The blood runs bad in this family. Long repressed memories gradually surface, forcing her to solve the mystery of her bone tree nightmare. Will the truth set her free…or destroy her?

To celebrate my new thriller I’m giving away a special prize (a custom-made indoor/outdoor wreath of your choice by WickedWreathz). If you’re a member of my Night Team, you’re automatically entered in the giveaway for this stunning prize. If you’re not a member, please sign up for my newsletter to be included. 
Winner to be selected on November 18th.


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