Jessie Night, a witness to a grisly mass murder, must make a grim choice–run to save her own life, or stay and fight for the innocent man condemned to die for that crime.


NIGHT CRIES, is now in paperback and eBook!

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DEADLY DOZEN 2 (The Twelve)

















3 responses to “NEW RELEASE!

  1. Harry

    Hi Sis, I have to tell u about a bartender friend of mine (Randy) bought your novel ‘Awakening’ said he couldn’t put it down, read it in two days. He could not stop talking about it to me and another dozen customers in the place.
    He said you were awesome ! And was going to read it again before buying one of your suspense thrillers.
    He was asking me did that really happen? Your mother was a strong woman.
    It was nice to see that not only family enjoys it.

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