(Kindle Countdown Daily Deal) Dec 7 & 8! Awakening: Secrets of a Brown Eyed Girl

AWAKENING bragDecember 7th and 8th, Awakening: Secrets of a Brown Eyed Girl will be featured as a Kindle Countdown Daily Deal! You can pick up a copy for $0.99! Click the book cover to head on over! (Or click HERE)

Read an Excerpt of Awakening here

We stacked the 45 player with our favorite rock’n roll and rhythm n’ blues. Patty spiked the fruit punch with vodka or rum or whatever she could get her hands on. Uncle Chimp no longer supplied us with free liquor, not since the afternoon when he pinned me to the floor and demanded a kiss.

The garage was dark. The only source of light came from a tiny lamp next to the record player. Someone had tossed a red chiffon scarf, scented with lilac toilet water, over the shade.  The guys hunkered down in the corner talking cars and motorcycles, debating the merits of each. One of the girls, Connie or Darlene, suggested a game of spin the bottle.

A crude circle formed. Girls on one side, guys on the other.  The guys elbowing one another as they lowered themselves to the floor. A Hires root beer bottle magically appeared in the center of the circle, still spinning.

“What if my spin lands on my sister?” Lenny asked, already thinking ahead.

“Then you get to go again,” Darlene said. “Unless you wanna kiss your own sister.”

“Not a chance.”

“Same goes for cousins. We’re not into the kissin’ cousin thing,” Patty said.

“Speak for yourself,” Connie said, glancing at Chick.

Patty told me Connie and Chick had been kissin’ cousins at one time. If there was anything between them now, it didn’t show in the way they acted toward each other. I looked over my options. Since Ronnie had my heart, naturally he was my first choice. Having already stolen a kiss from me the first time I met him, I wished with all my heart for another.  The twins weren’t my type, but they were cute, therefore kissable. Chick was another matter.  He was much older than me, older than anyone in the room. All the guys were in awe of him, looked up to him. His popularity soaring when he let them take turns driving his Chevy around the block. Chick’s voice had long ago made the change. I couldn’t imagine it ever being high or squeaky. Whiskers grew on his chin, upper lip, and he had sideburns. There was something James Deansque about him. Brooding, mysterious, and, I couldn’t help but think…a bit frightening. Someone like Chick would never be interested in me, the baby of the group. (continue reading  https://caroldavisluce.com/new-releas/



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One response to “(Kindle Countdown Daily Deal) Dec 7 & 8! Awakening: Secrets of a Brown Eyed Girl

  1. Angela Fitzgerald

    I just want to thank everyone who’s participating in this awesome giveaway. I think it’s very thoughtful and kind of everyone who’s contributing.
    I won’t come on here to whine as I read a authors post on Facebook. I won’t bother to tell anyone about my problems, because that was the only thing I agree with this author, but not really. Some people have problems but not everyone, some people have families, but not really, and some have children, but no that’s not true either.
    I just want to let people know what this author said in her comment. I found it extremely hurtful. The comment was posted on Facebook publicly. She said, “STOP ALL YOUR WHINING, WE ALL HAVE FAMILIES, WE ALL HAVE CHILDREN!!” Not to nice coming from an author, someone that people look up to. I wonder if it ever crossed her mind at all that it’s us little people who buy her books and have made her a success? I blocked from seeing her comments and I defriended her. I wonder what she thought to have a person like me defriend her?
    I have put her in the in the #selfie pool and if anyone wants to know what I’m talking about just go to Angeles Fitzgerald on Facebook or click or type that in below and it should take you to my Facebook page, I hope. You can’t see the girls face but she’s in yellow. I think she’s one of the Kardashians.


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