I’ve been silent for a while, but now I have something to shout about! This month I’m part of an exciting  giveaway with 24 amazing authors and I had to let my friends in on it! I’m sure you’ll recognize some or most of these bestselling author names. We’re giving away a Kobo Aura H20 pre-loaded with 50 ebooks! You don’t have to be a current Kobo user to enter, AND, every person who enters will receive at least five free eBooks just for entering the contest.

You can enter by clicking HERE.

Good luck and have a super Happy Thanksgiving!




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3 responses to “A Unique FALL KOBO GIVEAWAY

  1. ecpd188

    I sure would like to win. I haven’t won any of the contest yet. Thanks for the chance and Happy Thanksgiving to you also. Hope you have a wonderful time with family!!!

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