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How Amazon Helped Me Sell 100,000 eBooks in Just Four Months!


Take the puzzle out of promoting your book

How Amazon Helped Me Sell 100,000 eBooksIn just four months!

July 12, 2012  By 1 Comment

5297514721_a0af72ec50_bBestselling author and indie inspiration Carol Davis Luce joins us today to tell us how Amazon “rekindled” her career. At a time when Amazon gets a lot of bad press in traditional publishing circles, pending the outcome of the DoJ case in the US, it seems indies are happier than ever with the freedom, flexibility, and support this behemoth provides. And why not? Never before have authors had the ability to reach millions, even billions, of potential fans so easily. Say what you will about Amazon, but for many indies, Amazon is not just a corporation, it’s a path that leads straight to their writing dreams.



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