SHOOT TO THRILL-Newly Released Boxed Set On Sale $0.99!!

It’s my pleasure to announce the release of SHOOT TO THRILL – four full-length thrillers by four bestselling thriller authors for a staggering $0.99/77p. Sold separately these books retail at $15.94 or £9.99. On offer for a limited time only, so grab your copy today.

Amazon  Hit this link for all Amazon stores, it’ll take you to the appropriate store.

Barnes and Noble   This link will take you to the store where your B&N account is.

Why not try the latest thrilling offerings of the authors listed above:

Michael Wallace has released WOLVES IN PARIS.

Amazon US    Amazon UK  iTunes   Barnes and Noble

Michael’s website

Michael Wallace’s Amazon UK author page
Michael Wallace’s Amazon US author page

Cry Wolf (Laura Cardinal Series, Book 4)

J Carson Black’s latest thriller in the Laura Cardinal series is CRY WOLF.
Amazon UK     Amazon US

J Carson Black’s website 

J Carson Black’s Amazon US Author page

J Carson Black’s Amazon UK Auhor page

AWAKENING: Secrets of a Brown Eyed Girl

Carol Davis Luce’s newest release is AWAKENING.

Amazon UK   Amazon US 

Carol Davis Luce website

Carol Davis Luce’s Amazon UK Author page. 

Carol Davis Luce’s Amazon US Author page.

M. A. Comley’s latest release is the seventh book in the Justice series, VIRTUAL JUSTICE.

Amazon US    Amazon UK 

M A Comley’s Amazon US Author page. 

M A Comley’s Amazon UK Author page


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