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And so it begins… MAY 12TH

     You thought you knew The Twelve…  Think again


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So You Thought You Knew THE TWELVE…

Nothing stays the same.

We are proud to introduce two bestselling authors to The Twelve. Can you find them in the box below?



In case you’re having trouble, here they are:



Visit FB The Twelve  Website and say hi!

Stay tuned for some exciting news! What are we doing next?


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6th Straight Week

on USA Today

Bestseller List!

Still on sale for $0.99.


It’s not over yet. This is just the first of many thrilling voyages. Visit us at:




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We just learned that Deadly Dozen made 3 big bestseller lists last week. USA Today and 2 New York Times lists!

Photo: We just learned that Deadly Dozen made 3 big bestseller lists last week. USA Today and 2 New York Times lists! Thank you to everyone who bought the book and helped us spread the word so that more readers could have the opportunity to get 12 books in such a great deal! We hope you're enjoying the books as much as we've enjoyed bringing them to you!
Thank you to everyone who bought the book and helped us spread the word so that more readers could have the opportunity to get 12 books in such a great deal! 
We hope you’re enjoying the books as much as we’ve enjoyed bringing them to you.


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USA Today – Deadly Dozen by The Twelve

Press release! Deadly Dozen by The Twelve hit the USA Today bestseller list!

DD cover
A power list of indie crime authors team up &
hit USA Today Bestseller list with 
“The Deadly Dozen”
Twelve top independent eBook Thriller authors have hit the USA Today Bestseller List with a ‘boxed set’ of their crime novels, aimed at giving readers a bigger taste of the action.
The authors have each seen much individual success in the eBook market, including listings on the NY Times and USA Today best-sellers lists. They hope to give their own fans a chance to sample books by writers they may not yet have come across. The books have, between them, 650 5-star reviews.
One of “The Twelve”, British thriller writer, M A Comley, said, “It’s an exciting venture and terrific opportunity to link up with such fantastic authors. Some of my fans may not have read some of the other authors before and vice versa, so it’s a great opportunity to discover new favourites at a great price.”
The authors who make up The Twelve are New York Times & USA Today bestselling writer, J.Carson Black; Award-winning writer,Joshua Graham, an Amazon and Barnes & Noble #1 bestselling thriller author; USA Today Bestselling author, Cheryl Bradshaw; Al Leverone, a 2012 Derringer Award winner for excellence in short mystery fiction
USA Today Bestselling author Diane Capri, who is among the 150 bestselling indie authors on Amazon; M A Comley, a Publishers Weekly and Amazon Top 20 bestselling British crime writer; Aaron Patterson, USA TODAY Bestselling author of the Mark Appleton thriller series; Carol Davis Luce, Amazon bestselling author of the “Night” books.
Oxford-educated, British author, J.F.Penn, who writes the fast-paced, bestselling Arkane thrillers; Vincent Zandri, the No.1 International Bestselling Amazon author whose book, The Innocent was described by the New York Post as “Sensational… Masterful…Brilliant!”; Linda S. Prather, Kentucky-based bestselling author of The Jacody Ives Mysteries and finally, Michele Scott, the author of the popular Wine Lover’s Mystery series and The Michaela Bancroft mysteries who also writes international bestselling thrillers under the name A.K. Alexander.
The box set is on offer for only $0.99/77p for a very limited period, a huge discount on the cost of buying all the books individually, which would set you back more than  $46.00/£30.00..
The set comprises:
·       J. Carson Black – Cry Wolf
·       Joshua Graham – Terminus
·       Allan Leverone – Final Vector
·       Michele Scott – Dead Celeb
·       Cheryl Bradshaw – Stranger in Town
·       J. F. Penn – One Day in Budapest
·       M.A Comley – Guaranteed Justice
·       Diane Capri – Don’t Know Jack
·       Vincent Zandri – Moonlight Sonata
·       Linda Prather – The Gifts
·       Carol Davis Luce – Night Widow
·       Aaron Patterson – Breaking Steel
The authors have launched their own website at http://thetwelvexii.com/authors/ and are offering the chance to win an Ipad Air for those taking part in their giveaway.
The box set is out now and can be found following the links below:
Amazon: http://smarturl.it/deadly12
Barnes & Noble: http://smarturl.it/deadly12-bn
iTunes: http://smarturl.it/deadly12-itunes
Kobo: http://bit.ly/1f7It0V
 Find our more about The Twelve:
·       Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/thetwelvexii
·       The Twelve’s Website: http://thetwelvexii.com
·       Newsletter: http://www.thetwelvexii.com/list/


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Deadly Dozen by The Twelve: New Release! Enter to Win an iPad Air!

At last I can reveal the big secret of

The Twelve

12 complete works by 12 of today’s hottest mystery and thriller writers, including USA Today and New York Times bestselling authors. Very special price for this special edition bundle! $.99c (limited time only) CLICK HERE to buy.

DD cover________________

A $49.69 Value (if purchased separately) – Reg. Retail: $9.99
10 full-length novels + 2 long novellas
Over 680 5-star reviews across all 12 titles!

10K sold in 10 days!
1 – DON’T KNOW JACK (The Hunt For Reacher Series) – Diane Capri
2 – CRY WOLF (A Laura Cardinal Novella) – J Carson Black
3 – NIGHT WIDOW (The Night Series) – Carol Davis Luce
4 – GUARANTEED JUSTICE (The Justice Series) – M A Comley
5 – STRANGER IN TOWN – Cheryl Bradshaw
6 – BREAKING STEELE (A Sarah Steele Thriller) – Aaron Patterson & Ellie Ann
7 – MOONLIGHT SONATA (A Dick Moonlight Thriller) – Vincent Zandri
8 – TERMINUS – Joshua Graham
10 – DEAD CELEB (The Dead Celeb Series) – Michele Scott
11 – FINAL VECTOR – Allan Leverone
12 – THE GIFTS (A Jacody Ives Mystery) – Linda S Prather

And there’s more:  Enter to win an iPad Air!

Join The Twelve’s Launch Party for DEADLY DOZEN and enter for a chance to win a beautiful Apple iPad Air valued at $599.00. Giveaway ends Sunday March 8th. ipad-air



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THE TWELVE REVEALED. Ready for the quiz?


So have you been paying attention? Do you know The Twelve?

Take our quiz to find out!

(Hope you didn’t pull an all-nighter studying for it — it’s easy!) QUIZ

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Who are The Twelve? The reveal starts now!


1888984_651202534942723_905634904_o 1026199_651205024942474_760895474_o 1899660_653670951362548_318690163_o 1529949_651203408275969_1759430634_o 1556280_651202918276018_1834890122_o 1522950_653689414694035_1893281866_o 1654796_653703734692603_1448462914_o 1553291_655463437849966_1167423972_o 1900285_655169877879322_1350533367_o 1911019_656559661073677_98637152_o 1014656_656559577740352_96640945_o

Who Are The Twelve? Here are Members #1 thru 12: Revealed! 

The Twelve Facebook Page. Please Like!   

Collect all 12 Collectors Cards as we reveal all 12 identities, then we’ll quiz you at the end, & you can win a prize!

Collector Card contest starts tomorrow, 2/17. Check back.

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